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Nov 26, 2020

New lifestyle

Why not start with an bang? I decided to change up with more of an blog rather then just an website blog now (I just like the rest of Neocities, uh?). From now on, I will talk about some random stuff that pop out of my head as well as something interesting. Lets start of with something that I never expected. The new artwork I just posted (the one with Gawr and Artemis) was blowing up on Twitter the moment I posted that artwork.
On other news, for the longest time I have finally set up an donation for all of you people who wanted to support my ongoing work and building up my gallery collection. It keep the independent without any paywall and such. I provided more info in that page.
To-do List:
  1. Get Neocities Supporter
  2. Get an Custom Domain
  3. Get Next X-Zine done as soon as I can