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What is Project X-treme?

Project X-treme is a Crossover series, center between Dimension and Reality world. It combined with Original and Copyright work. It will be in both of Novel and Comic. All Copyrighted Work are based on Different scenarios.


Is it based on true events?

uhhh, anime don't exist, so no it not.

Any event appear on Project X-treme are purely coincidental


Do you owned all these story?

Not all of them. Anything that is original Work is owned by 38Caution as well as other people who decide to collab with him. Anything that based on Copyrighted work is created by 38Caution BUT Owned by original company (Like Neptunia X: It made by 38Caution and Trak, but Neptunia is owned by Compile Heart/Idea Factory. New Character that is added is owned by 38Caution).


Is Project X-treme free to read?

Alway! But you can support AKA-38CAUTION on Deviantart!


What about Paypal/Ko-fi/Patreon?

Currently, it not avaliable, but it will soon!