All enemy were near to the boat, landing their hook at top of the ship dock, climbing while we got our weapons ready. Just when I about to take a quick rest. This world didn’t like me it seem.

“Pirate coming!” Men in sword shouted.

“Wait, you serious?” I, without a doubt, need some question. We got military, ninja, a rebellion, and now a pirate? What kind of novel am I in right now?

“Yes, I serious mate. Get you ass moving!” This guy is dead serious alright.

While Mark just wakened and a dark cloud showing it color, a sum of skinny pirate with bizarre clothing appeared, welding a modified sword equipped with Uzi as part of it, aiming at us. Never seen a good combination weapons before. A brute leader jump in with his smut face of his. Although everyone around us, with their smoking pipe, have their own military rank. While I have barely knowledge of military ranking, I can ensure that, the brute man right front of me is Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, the highest ranking in Navy!

“Ahoy mate, how we doing here today?” A crackle voice of his have spoken. The wave of the ocean is started to get strong.

“Tio.” Someone with yellow pony tail angerly say his name. “What are you doing here?”

“Funny question you asked. You see, as part of being a “pirate”, we roam the ocean to find some trouble and make some trouble. It simple really.” Tio is an old yet strong man I seen, though comparing to Mark, he look about the same but taller. The millions of bloody mark to his body is proven he been into fight endless of time. His teammate lead him his sword, sightly longer then the rest.

“You know, you can’t bring a sword to a gun fight dumb ass!” Same guy yell at him.

“Oh Ho! Prove it then.” Is Tio testing his luck?

“Fine.” He then pull his gun that pointing at him and pull the trigger. But right after the blink of my eyes goes, the sound of bullet stuttered to his sword, fall into tiny pieces. The sword, even though the bullet sight touch it, remand the same.

“No way!” I was shocked how fast Tio reaction was when he managed to dodge the bullet with his sword. He could be a sword expert from the Navy, but at same time, I don’t think they really have sword in Navy. Maybe he been trained to do that. He point his sword at me with a smut face of his once more.

“I recognized you. Neptune, isn’t it?”

“Am I popular all the suddenly?” I don’t know how many people can recognized me. I never even meet them at all, or maybe I do. Tio look similar, but where did I meet him?

“You change a whole lot ever since we last meet. I don’t know when that happen, but all I know is you used to have a pony tail and was… this small.” He chuckle when he put his flat plum to his torso, intercepting my height, and I thought I would forget about my pony tail hair. Man, the cringe is coming to me. Though, someone who know that, it must be someone I meet before, but I still can’t figured out. The wall on my brain is blocking it. “Well, enough chit chat. Time to get this party going.” Tio and his gang held their sword and ready to fight. While some hiding, I pull out my wooden sword out of my bag and put myself in position toward Tio. Same goes to Mark. “You signing your own death wish?” Tio and us engage each other, started with sliver and wooden struck at same time.

Each attack Tio aim, left, right, top, down, whatever he try to do, I always manged to either dodge it or move back. No matter what way I need to attack him, he swing it like crazy! Though his member aren't doing so well against Mark and his giant golden sword. Some even fallen to the ocean.

“You are persistent.” Tio forcing his sword toward me very strongly as my arm are started to get numb holding my sword against him. I slide away from him, making his sword get stuck to the wooden floor. As I about to attack him, he got back up and swing his sword once more. For his age, he is managed to continue the fight without any breath taken. The wooden sword is taken some damage from the sliver sharp sword of his.

Continuing fighting with big brute, Mark taking the trash out with all guys laying down and becoming my backup by attempted to make his attack from the back. Tio also managed to dodge his attack as well. Damn, he too quick!

But as they both meet dead on to each of the sword, Mark kick to his chest where Tio pull back for quick second. I spirit to him where Mark move aside out of surprise and where Tio spot me, I jump over his attack and using my wooden sword, I strike his head hard enough to point Tio fall down to the floor, covering his head from the extreme pain while slightly moaning over it. One pirate got up, about to strike an attack using Uzi but was stop by Craft members after aiming at him and suddenly surrendered. Tio was getting outnumber by us at this point.

Tio look up and stare at me with his anger eyes straight at me.

“I can’t believe I got beaten by little girl.” Tio sigh over the biggest disappointment of his life. “Since when you got stronger?”

“My father trained me when I was young.” I responded.

“Eh, I still remember that heist back then.” Tio mumbling and laugh slightly.

“What heist?” A flashback shortly came with a gray building with glowing sign “Vita Production” with couple of guy and a breaded man and a same bloody mark of his. Then it fated away. “Hold on...”

“It been long time Neptune. Let me guess, y’all going to Genesis District?” Tio halted my statement with a question to everyone.

“What is it for you?” Mark ask him within another question.

“We all going after him. Actually everyone is.” Tio got back up after the pain seem to be relived. For being a Navy, it brave of him to get back on the ground. “Listen, instead of fighting to the death, why not work together for now. We got some detail on Genesis that could provide some useful information for us.” Tio was calm in this situation and ask to join us. It wasn’t until second later that he join the rebellion against Genesis.

We both give hand shake which prove we all good.

“So Mark, how X-Class?” Tio asking.

“So far, it alright. Same old stuff you could say.” Mark seem to be not motive about it. We were all looking at the fog smoke coming out of the city ahead of us. It look like a war zone going on.

“You see that smoke? That Red Zone.” Tio point that out.

“What going on there?” I asked him.

“Red Zone is nothing but endless crime and illegal stuff going on. It only way to get into Genesis District.” Tio explained it belief. The Red Zone is similar to Gamindustri Treaty Pass, long island pass, but worse.

We later clean the mess and continue moving.

Chapter VIII

Chapter X (Part One Final)

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