After I left the White house, can’t stop thinking about what going happened in 3 days, I then approach to the gate on the left pathway where it led to the small town. However, it seem that the gatekeeper won’t let me go yet as two of them blocked the way. With their firm faces, they then put their hand near my face.

“Halt!” One of them shouted.

“Do you have the pass to enter?” Other one questioned me. It seem as if they haven’t got me one yet as they ended the talk unexpected. I was out of my mind as if what should I do without looking suspension. What a great start.

“Oi, wait up! I forgot something!” Pipp ran outta the white house toward me, holding the card up the air where I can clearly see it. It seem that the card to order to go in. Since when they decide to restricted people to go in?

“I need to give it to you. It very important to use it where you entering city in Fair Island. It to prevent dangerous activity happen in each city.” Pipp explained.

“She a tourist here?” The gatekeeper asked.

“Well, she Fairchild daughter and...”

“Oi! You should explained sooner! Here you go.” They then open the gate to the town. I am so confused now. If I explained to them that I am a Governor daughter, they won’t believed a damn word I say. In anyway, I can’t go further without Pipp help, so I thanks him. He then hand me a card to keep.

“We won’t help you from this point, you on your own.” Pipp then clearly stated. Although, they didn’t help but just captured me (for lack of better word) to here. He return back to White house and I process to the town called: Крaxn, a rather rough town to start out being tourist but it does have a unique building like the gas station designed as 1950s looks, a brick industrial building with a name “Girr Co.”, and at front is a market street where they sell goods such as video game, DVDs, Music disk (even have the newest Nao hits) and all other stuff. Though, there those “good stuff” at the hidden valley where they sell illegal stuff like drugs and those things, even though they are rare, it does happened.

As I am wondering around the town like a headless chicken, asking question about Genesis, either people think I am a mad lad, some ‘crazy bitch’ or they get scared, refused to answer. To some people.

So far, I got none and close to already give up, laying down on the side street, seeing people walk over me. It would be best if I return back and warn other friend at Gamindustri to handle this situation. But then again, I have to go back to the boats and I on the deadline. Day can’t go even worse.

But then, a shadow that blocking the sun then approached me with a familiar face I haven’t seen in long time. A blue swiftly, spiky hair, a black goggles over her head, those cute deep blue eyes, her red scarf around the neck and her tight black jackets that almost unzipped below her belly button, seeing her bandaging covered chest with those big cuffed gray gloves that is waving to my face, thinking I dead. In fact, I actually drooling and sweating over the damned heat.

“You know, justice won’t come if you don’t do anything.” She mocked me about my laziness in the most tomboyish voice.

“Nisa, is that you?” I, in a dying voice, questioned.

“Ha! I thought you forgot about me after our adventure ended.” Nisa laughed.

“Is the flattest chest heroine gonna save me from the heat? I be very glad if you did.” I act in a melodrama situation like it the end of the world.

“Eck!” I grab her scarf, lending her head toward me in a scare mood.

“I dying.” Continuing the melodrama.

“Errr…” Nisa back away from me.

“Well, fear not little one, I can help you throughout your journey! Just ask me! I always be there for you.” She is very courage and honest one, though she was furious when I call her flat-chested. I ended up getting up from the floor, cleaning my clothes and act normal. People are getting us the stare.

“Okay, where to start?” I was thinking way not to scare her the information I needed. Although I guess there no way to put it this way.

“I looking for Genesis base. Do you know where it is?”

A moment of silence have arrives. Nisa is in total shocked and I got everyone attention, giving their expression like if I shot their mother. Oh boy.

“Bu… But, why Neptune? At all things?” Nisa broken her voice as if she about to cry. What should I do?

“Genesis is crazy, don’t even get near him!” A red Mohawk guy warned me aggressively.

“I heard he kill people who pose threat of him.” A old, slim breaded, smoker guy who seem to work as a truck driver telling everyone one by one. It seem I got some info about Genesis. Wait a minutes, can I do this actually? It seem as I don’t have a choice but to calm Nisa down and try to give me detail.

“Nisa, please calm down. I just need some detail is all.” I try to get Nisa to tell me but so far, nothing. I am near stress right now with so many happened all in once.

“Guys run!!!” A distinct voice behind me were yelling and running from the bank before something happened. An explosive go off, and the smoked cover the town for second, spreading the light smoke in the air.

Bank robbery.

Then, there 3 mans who just got out. 2 of them are the supporter and that one more… is a strange man, wearing a purple fancy glasses, a white coats and his hand are equipped with a letter “G” that is consider a gun.

“Alright Ladies and gentleman, fasten you speed belt, it time to get wild here!” His high southern voice rise across the town while everyone is scared and properly planned to run away.

“Name is Geo the Neo and I will be the host of today show!”

“Neptune, what… is that?” Nisa saw me pull out my pistol.

“Nisa, run and hide, let me take care of this.” I calmly tell her to go. I cannot let people get harmed. She later ran along with other people. Also, Geo the Neo looked very familiar. But I can’t put my finger in who this guy is. Looking both left and right is nothing but lonely roads and building fill with people who want to watch how this going down, even some live streaming. This is good time to test out my Nepu-Pistol.

“Gue’ss it just you and me, girl! Wanna teases my G to your month?” His smile and his wacky movement, he must be on something. We are dead on contracting to the movement with the dead silence along with us. Who go first? Honestly, I scared as a wiggly pudding.

“Ah Ya!” A bullets released on the “G” coming as fast as dead on to my head. As my heart beating at rapid speed, I duck and run to the nearest building while he continuing to shooting at me, tearing down some building wall. Seeing a broken windows, I instantly leap in and covered behind the brick wall. Though it won’t last long, I still have enough time.

I check the mag if the bullets can hit Geo real well. It blink bullets which don’t actually kill but does sting real bad. 12 bullets per mag, semi-automatic gun that shoot only 4 bullets each seconds, sound good to me.

“Wher’e are you girl?” He is now searching for me. He is looking at the another direction, going apart from me. It showtime.

As I got up quickly, aiming, I pull the trigger. The kick sling my arm too hard, the bullets went out of place and the noise is now making my ear ringing for seconds. As I was looking down the ground while my right arm hurt, I look up toward Geo, seeing if I took the hit.

All 4 bullets at one shot… missed.

“Nice try.” He again aim his G at me, shooting at me while hiding. I then process to blind shooting, guessing where he at. That didn’t work out as I wasted bullet and now need to replaced my mag. I am so dead.

“Not so fast!”

“What the… ah!” Geo grunted when the bullets shot though. I heard a brave voice as well and it came from other the direction. As I try to take a glance of who it was, it was blurred for a moment, but then he continued to walk forward.

He is a bold, muscular man, wearing an orange jacket that have bullet mark in it with the symbol “X” on the side, black shirt, dark pants with dark brown combat boots and a weapon he holding. Wait a minute, he holding a golden sword in a shotgun poses and there smoke coming out the cannon. Hold on, that sword is a gun?!

“What… who the... hell are you?” Geo is struggling to even talk. He is bleeding to his arm as well as his mouth. Man, that must hurt.

“Well, I can tell you. Name is Mark the 3rd and I am the protector of Fair Island and member of X-class.” Mark give us the introduction.

“You bastard are X-class military? Damn you!” Geo seem pissed. Wait, X-Class military, what is that? I never heard we even have military here now. Hold on! Geo, his glasses is fallen apart from him. His eye is green, a flint bread and brown short hair.

“Hold on. Tell me you work as Planeptune Guards Geo?” I asked him if this the person I know of.

“Neptune?” His surprised face got me. Geoite Neoites, the guard that went missing for 6 years after what we thought was he got captured by some organization. Before working as guard, he work as a game store whom job is to organize game from console to console, but before video game was even popular, he was a hooker in 80s where that the job that only paid well in order to even live as normal life. That information was belief though, so I can’t tell if that even true. He then come to us to become a guards in our nation and that how it went.

“You know each other?” Mark question us.

“Well, long time ago.” I answered him in nervous sense. He did save my life so I must thank him before he go. But at same time, do Geo got info?

“Hey Geo?”

“Sup?” He seem calm even after the bullet went though him before.

“Got any info on Genesis?”

“Well, yes actually.”

Both me and Mark have a surprise face on Geo the fact that finally, an important info on Genesis. Wait, why Mark surprise about this?

“Where is he?!” Mark aggressively asked him while holding his coat.

“Damn it man. Genesis have his own district. You need to go to Pio City, then cross the Red Zone in order to go to Genesis District.”

“Where is this Red Zone?” Mark is still aggressive on this case. This mean we on same track.

“The Red Zone is Island treaty pass. However, that zone is dangerous and known for so many crime after Genesis owned the half the district. Sadly that all I got mate.” Geo finished his statement. That more then enough info we needed.

Without a word, Mark leave him in the hard road where he slowly bleeding and with a long stare, Mark packed his sword to his back and leave while Geo partly got back up, hatchback and grunt back to the ground and getting up again.

“You go ahead. I turning myself in.” Geo barely talked as if it sound like he couldn’t speak English.


“Neptune, you have a mission. Genesis is about to rule the world...” He halted himself to talk.

“… and I hate him as much as you do.” He then leave, going to the Police where they captured him and put it back at the SWAT Van, leaving me with no one around as they still hiding for themselves. As I looked the empty road where Mark is at, I have no choice but to follow him.

We both have the same missions, more friends mean more.

Chapter V

Chapter VII

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