The surprise look at their face was the fact I say that out from my mouth. The same face I see when I was little. That glace smile of his if when he help out my mother, when he is proud of my training, even when situation is about to get serious, that smile is always there. I can recognize it.

“Oh my daughter, just how long has it been since out last meet?” His arm form a straight line like he wanted a hug. He then laugh and place his hand to his hip as he know that I have grown up. Some laugh but I just nervous, looking slightly right to left.

“I guess it have been in a while, haven’t it?” I reply.

“You must be hungry Nep, why not let these maid serve you while I ready for a preparation for you.” Fairchild can since me if I am hungry or something else. Although a preparation? Wonder what that about.

We then decide to have a lunch break due the fact it around 2 o’clock in afternoon and I am begging for food as my belly was also begging as well. I didn’t even eat breakfast, damn it. It was very early in a morning, we got a meeting and look where I am now.

A red hair maid was sitting next to me whom name is Ayuningtyas (Ayu for short) She told me that, she was the maid who take care of me when I was a toddler. She was the only maid here at the time. She also tell me that, two other maids is her sister who got recently hired; cheerful yellow is Daisy and the chill blue is Mercy.

Three of them are around 5ft 5inch (almost at my height but over the head), but all of them have different looks; Ayu have a B cups size while other is Flat chested. A curly bright hair and those red eyes of her. Her skin is somewhat tanner then other girl. Guess she work outside more. She was strict when we are alone. I can’t even go outside at all, not even one inch, the bedtime was limited and we both have to take a shower. My piracy didn’t exist at that time, though as a same time, I did make a huge mess at the bathroom, even the toilet was running all the time. I have to say, I got more then just a word from my mother. I think I was 5 at the time, being troublemaker was part of me.

“You must be surprise Neptune.” Ayu reading my currently mood as of what was going on. I can’t even explain how I feeling about. The childhood dream I recently have as well as show how much we have changed. Although, do they know I working as a leader as well?

“So, how is it outside of Fair Island?” Daisy cheerfully asked. This question is literally like, how is it outside of Gamindustri? Common answer I always get is either dangerous or questionable. How can I responded?

“Uh… Unique.” For the lack of better word. I don’t want to just say I am a CPU of my own nation.

Especially what happened way back then. But what actually happened? I mean, I barely know what I did, but in entirely, I can’t remember the aftermath.

“Really?! What does it look like?” Daisy once again asked me question. Gamindustri is one of the most beautiful and very futuristic island you ever visit. There so many landmark, has some nicest forest and best people you ever have. Sadly, insider of this island don’t even believe the single word you say. It one of those stereotype deal where if someone say it awful and everyone started to spread it, even if they didn’t go there, then it become official for them. It like spread false rumor and if it catch so many people, it become truth.

I decide not to answer as I am dying for food and need some nap. I can’t even talk right now, not even a single energy can let me talk. It like if it holding me down.

“Please, let her rest right now. Neptune is tired and can’t answer your question right now.” Ayu calmly tell Daisy as she even understand what I been though right now. While she is Ayu twin sister, she look too damn young to even work!

When I am about to lay my head down to the table, a door was slam open as Mercy come in with a line of dishes to place down with a stressful face her. She try to place it down and give it to each but she ended up tripped in the floor where most of prepared food have been splatted except the Pudding. Poor girl.

After a while, we were having a talk about our life and all those normal talk you usually expected. Nothing too interesting. However, Ayu say that one day, she found Mercy on a side of a street, begging for coin for food. Ayu recently adopted Mercy and treated her like a dear sister. I guess Fair Island did change… Slightly. While we were relaxing, Pipp came in and giving me an eye contact.

“Yo Neptune! Fairchild need you. He got some gift he like to give you.” He giving me a thumb of where he at. It seem like the food did help a little, I am less tired now and the pain is slowly healing so I am ready to see what he have in store.

“Uh… What happened here?” Pipp was confused as of why the dining room is a giant mess. I have to shortly explain to him.

I jog over there to his room where Maxi and Bendy was waiting at his door, looking for me while they were armed, guarding the doors in case of danger. I never knew guards here would be very strict than what I would expect. They then open the door from with a greeting from them and came in with me.

Inside is a storage room, fill with winner trophy from Ping Pong Championship. I cannot believed he have so many of them! In fact, there so many of them, there not enough room in those trophy stand class. There also my medal back in Middle school when I was part of the running sport. It was fun while it lasted, sadly it was basically useless for me as I get older. What a waste of talent. The room is bit dusty and it smell bit old.

“Shocked?” Fairchild asked.

“Ye-ah.” I can’t explain how windblown this is. I think back then he only have 1 or 2 medals at the time when he was busy being a governor. I always courage him to try his best at Ping Pong at the time as he haven’t play it in long time. It was also the best way to stop smoking. Is this what he do while I was gone

“Listen, after you were gone, many thing happened in this island. The crime is on the rise, I getting old and many thing changed.” He explained the situation on what going on.

“I don’t understand.”

“I already told you. I getting old and at this points, I can’t solve all crime that been going on. There so many paper to write and… all those grown up stuff you don’t understand.”

“What you saying?”

“Alright...” He grab a pointer and point at the recognizable map of a Fair Zone. It display a whole island

“We got a report that most of the crime came from this, now owned, district owned by a Greedy businessman, Genesis, a founder of a company: 32x Production.”

“Genesis Van Kiachi? That guy with gold suit?” I question Fairchild as of what he meant with that name. Don’t wanna to be confused with other Genesis. Wait, it can’t be.

“Yes him. Oh and… Gold suit you say?” He say it in a firm tone as if it bad news. Though, those suit are tacky as hell.

“I surprised you remember that name Nep. I guess that made things easier then!” Maxi sound cheerful when I know his name, even though I just met him.

“Well, I and other have a meeting on this… contest they having that he will be a host this year...”

“Wait, what contest?” Maxi halted my statement.

“Well, to keep it straightforward, Genesis say that, who ever won the battle will win his brand new console. There a bunch of crowd getting hype to it.” It what I got so far when I suddenly got this information.

“What is this console you mention?” Fairchild firmly try to split out every info I got on.

“It called Genesis X. He try to bring the revolution to the video game industry more then ever. It nice looking I have to say. Though what is suspension about it, is the fact I have never see it before at all.” I keep up to date on a newest console every year. In fact, we have to check every single console and see if it usable or hacked by shady business. Genesis X was never in the list unless one other nation did.

However, a moment of silence have appeared as Fairchild and Maxi is looking each other in a shocked expression.

“What day is it?” Maxi quickly ask.

“Uh, Tuesday.” I responded.

“How long is the contest?”

“3 days left.”

Once again, another silence. I started to get very uncomfortable in here. The face they painting to their self is what making me thinks this don’t sound good at all. I thumbing my own thumb as of nervous habits.

“We don’t have lot of time.” Fairchild sound hurry as we in the rush. Actually I think we in the rush.

“Neptune, this is very belief but I want you to understand...” Fairchild walk to the protected, metal door with a PIN lock he fast type on. The door lead to the bright yellow light and a rusty small, wide room, fill with collections of weapons, which most are unused as they are fully loaded, sitting on the chain wall with dust never blow. Even melee weapons have not been touch.

“There something going on in this beloved nation. Something dangerous happened.” He then pressed a button that open a split wall where it yell a rust noise. It display an untouched, clean, bulky Pistol with a similar D-pad I have on, built in to the bullet hole. Looks heavy to carry.

“Now this isn’t a normal pistol. Rather, it have modified by the Fair Island Police Department very recent, just for you in case of something happened.” He continued.

“It packed with 16 Blank Bullets per mag, semi-automatic, and it design to be easy to use.”

“But wait, what all this about?! I need answer!” I am so confused as if what even going on as it goes beyond my head and they provide too much unanswered information.

“Neptune… You going undercover.” Fairchild finally spill.

“Wh… what?” I stuttered.

“Forget who you are. Don’t tell everyone your background, your personal info, everything. For now on, you an entirely new person.”

“We got a clothes set for you before you came in.” Maxi holding a clothes set he talking about. It showcase a black shirt saying “My Chemical Nep” (how cute), a black short, short, along with a black combat boots.

“I know it have an edgy look but our world is edgy so it best fit.” Maxi explained. I guess I going full on edge, aren't I? I don’t know about this. All of this is getting me a headache right now. I going undercover from this point, erasing my known info (well, not entirely) and going as new person. Does this mean I no longer transform as a CPU. Should be much easier to do so and be done with.

“The bathroom is near the entrance with a fancy writing on it. Should be easy to found right off the bait.” Fairchild point the door.

In the clean bathroom, I enter a wide door where I changed my clothes and loaded the Nepu-Pistol as I like to called it, putting old clothes in my bag. After putting it on, I take a glace at the widest windows they offered. The short have a Planeptune logo on the side. Cool feature, though it fell bit tighter, being short as only covered the hip. The shirt is loose but short as my belly button is barely showing, a least I can keep my parka. The combat boot, which featuring long socks, goes slim below the knee. The longest ties is very bothersome for me, I never see such a long ties for a boot. Then again, I never wear boot before. It feel wired to walk on. I feel very embarrassing to even walk out the bathroom with this clothes sets. Though at the same time, I been walking with my long parka with no pants for years, as my parka can cover my underwa… Wait, what I taking about?

Anyway, I walk out the bathroom, suffering of what I facing right now.

“Wow, you look cute Neptune!” Ayu complement my looks. I not really proud of this at all.

“Alright, this is your only mission but it will be long, painful journey. You ready?” Fairchild stated firmly. I shake my head up and down as my reply.

“You are investigating Genesis District, which it at the other side of Fair island. They planning this console to released it worldwide and we can’t let it released. We got 3 days, so made it worth it.” Fairchild talk about this console as it a threat.

“What wrong with this console?” I questioned him.

“This console will change the world if we don’t destroy it. It contain a device that will collect player data, use it to identify them and know everything about this player. Then, if they did commit crime, EVEN if it little, they will capture them, brainwash them and bring them to Genesis District.” Maxi explained what this console can do. Such awful they do, and Genesis? Why at all people?

Just why? Why they do this? I can’t even think about it now. Goddess, Answer me damn it.

“We found out when someone from this district who worked with them, escaped and tell us about this. It was belief but it was threatening enough to warn everyone and then call you.” Fairchild say.

“Why me?” I once again questioned him. This talk is getting too long.

“You mine daughter Neptune. Plus I heard you are trusted CPU ever, despite being lazy.”

“Wait! How did you kn...”

“I found out the hard way. Now, get going. They won’t wait for us.” Fairchild then rushed me to get going.

I then leave the building. What is… even going on anymore?

Chapter IV

Chapter VI

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