I was curious of what they have in Yacht because only some people can afford these now days. Back then, I think only of those “1%” guys can only use the Yacht. I was exploring the dock to see the blazing ocean as well as the island that I leaving now. I feeling nostalgic by just looking it, reminding my good ol’ days.

“He’y.” Russian man speak to me once again. “I apolog’y for mi’ rud’e man’er and eh… w’at happ’n ba’k the’re. Nam’e Bendy, an elite sol’der a’t Fai’rchild Isla’nd.” Bendy spoken his introduction while holding one of those cocktail. Fair Island… Why that name sound familiar? “Mi’ Boys li’k to mess arou’nd ofte’n, so I’ts norma’l.”

“You think? Serious, we thought the boat was leaving and we have to gun it. When we jump over the highway bridge, they were happy like it nothing. It was bizarre to say a least.” I have to explained him what happened back there.

“I’t wa’s biz’are to sa’y, eh?”

“Yeah. By the way, how you guys afford this Yacht?” I questioned them.

“Wha’t yal’ me’n, thi’s I’s normal bo’at we usr’ally ride. We wor’n Truman out and w’e hav’ to repa’r h’m eve’ry yea’r. Oh, tha’t wh’at us ca’ll this bo’at by t’he wa’y.”

“Excuse me?” I simply shocked by his sentence. Is he serious?

After some long (and weird) discussion, Truman suddenly stopped. I wondering what stopping us this time? A couple of Gamindustri Federal Force (GFF) came by and inform us.

“I gonna need those pass, please.” They kindly ask.

Recently, we got some suspense activity in pass years and that, most came out of the Gamindustri zone and those crime they committed make us make stricter rules. As of the result, we formed a law, own this skinny island that goes long as 500 Miles and called it, “Treaty Pass”. It where if you going outside or inside of Gamindustri, they need a pass to access. It seem that Bendy came prepared and hand them a pass.

“Alright, you ready to go. Be careful.” The GFF has leave the boat, open a giant gate that led to a crowded space of way that lead back to endless ocean and we continued to go on our way. It seem that outside of Gamindustri zone is consider dangerous as we got some witness there tell everyone about it. He say that, there bounty hunter and criminal everywhere on other side. I don’t what other side he mention as he don’t want to even talk about it. I heard them in the store when I buying pudding while back. I hope that not the case.

After passing by, I was curious where the room to rest at. I am very exhausted after what I performed back there. My arm and leg still hurt, scratched up, some rarely bleeding. Lucky I bring my bag that have band-aid left as well as some drink and some healing potions.

“The resting room is at the down stair, near at the dining room. Just don’t disrupt some noises, as there also some people sleeping there as well. Though you better rest, because you have next missions coming up soon.” Maxi point the door to my left.

“Thanks.” I got up and decide to go there. It a bit crowed with people after they finished eating. I took a glance at the clock, I guess it is afternoon after all. Time go by fast, and it all happened in a day. Crazy.

Feeling tiring, I enter the rounded door with a circle window and a fancy sign say “Resting Room”, collapsed to the square, bunk size bed, taking a rest and letting the pain heal in little time. There rows of bunk beds where couple of people sleep as well as a very cute looking maid with red, twin hair coming in with a bucket, full of same cover that need to be place down on each used bed, though it much cleaner since it came out of dryer. She decide to come toward me.

“Excuse me, but mind if you get out of the bed please? I need to replace a cover for the bed since last person sleep there.” Her cutesy, high pitch voice sing though the heaven. Her shiny eyes dead on glares at me, waiting for me to get up. She then look horizontal at me.

“Oh! You look hurt!” She was shocked to see me beaten up after the chase before. “Do you need aid kit? I got one on me!” The pain wasn’t as bad as I expected, however it does burn on the surface on the knee and the elbow which can be very bothersome. Though, I am waiting for it to heal, she decide to lift her short skirt to where her pinkest thong with a panda on front were vaguely showing and the aid kit was below it. Is that how they wear it, or is she wearing it on purpose for attractive? Also, is it boy or girl? She look very girly, but there a common trick going on where maid look very cutesy and adorable. Unfortunately many girl don’t look at much as that.

“I fine, don't worry abou-”

“No! You must be hurt badly! I must heal you before you apart.” She is very resistance and won’t let me refuse so I simply didn’t have a choice. She open a kit and patch a band-aid to both knee and elbow. I thanks for her for small help, although she need to know about giving some space.

Because she is very close to me.

After applying kit to my elbow, she place her bland chest to my arm and putting her arm around me while putting her face right front of me. I turn to the mirror, my face is intensely blood red.

“Can I help you anything else?” She asked while lying her body down to me. I am facing her to face to face and I now crowded with her, with nowhere out.

“Should you be doing your job? You kinda getting distracted.” I try to ask her way out so I can resume my sleep.

“I can do anything for you.” She lend her head to my ear and wispier directly to my ear. I just stand still like a still cold ice and chill going though my spine. I am scare now, what can I response in this unknown situation? Should I run or just bare with it? I don't know the outcome!

“LAND AHOY!” One of the ship driver shouted aloud. Sound like a sound barrier just broke though.

“Oh, well look where we are! We just arrives.” Her voice were lower as sound of disappointment came in.

“Oh! Name is Akia, nice to meet you! Hope I can see you again, Neptune!” Akia have quickly introduced herself as she hurry to the outside. Thanks goddess the cliche romance have ended rather quickly… Wait, how she know me?

“Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.” A radical dude talk though a transmitter. “We just arrives at the most popular tourists spot on face of Hyperdimension Universe, Fair Island. Please get your bags and stuff as we about to load out the citizens. Enjoy!” Fair Island? Where I keep hearing that name before? Wait, we already here?!

There crowd of shouting and chit-chat holding up the line as I look though the resting room door windows. There so many people, I can’t even open the door. Just how much are they going? As soon I about to enter a hall of nothing but fill with people, I heard a windows yelling to my left, seeing someone at near distance.

“Yo! Come with me!” Pipp hanging in the rope who seem to be having trouble staying still. Anyway, I grab to his hand while Maxi pull up the rope to get us on top of the Yacht. A least there half of peoples compare to the hallway downstairs. We were on the rush though so we have to bypass people by shoving them away and cut almost the entire line. Some blocked our way out and I was started to get uncomfortable. A group even yelling to move. Could say “excuse me” while we at it.

After countless of attempt, we finally got an open space apart from the crowd in a palmy beach. They weren’t kidding about being a tourists spot. I see many people are staying the same spot as we are.

“We mu’st go’, we ne’ed to me’et’ the Gov’erno’r!” Bendy verbally command us as he pointing the direction we must head.

“A Governor?” I never knew we be meeting one.

“Com’e on!” Bendy shouted.

I followed them along the way. The direction led to a moistly forest with a clear yet somewhat muddy dirt that can be easy to get stuck on. It look as if it have rain yesterday. We were running fast like if some wild animals was chasing us. There were a unique animals I seen in a while, though it just a blur in my vision. My longest running shoes I have on is almost ruined completely, the mud stain is permanent and the bottom of it is almost ripped, but I didn’t complain a lot, this is what I did back then, although it been a long while.

“This is the shortcut to Fairchild House, we be there in no time!” Pipp stated that when he glare at me for second. We jumped over a giant tree logs that blocked the pathway as well as couple of tree brunch. Storm come often as well? A least the sun isn’t our way, in fact it mostly blocked by a slender tree among the pathway.

However we see a sunlight right front of us, meaning we about to exit the forest and entering a property of, assuming, Fairchild House. It a beautiful, yet small, white house; clean by tiny detail of it among of a, look like a brand new black Limbo that goes about 6 inches that could fit about 12 peoples. Behind us is a giant tree with a tire wheel hanging in the tree limb. There a writing in it as well. As it got my curious, the boys left and I have to follow them again. I have to say though, this white house look too familiar. Kinda have a nostalgia feel. I decide to shut down the bench they have on side of the door due to fact I am very worn out. No rest what so ever and fact that the burning pain is still there, luckily the healing effect came. Thanks Akia! Bendy knocked the door very loudly and the silence came along with them as well, waiting for them to come.

I look though my bags once more if I have what I needed. Bummer I didn’t bring my console and my pudding, but a wooden sword, a drinks as well as some credits is good enough. The deck have a writing as well so a least I got something to entertain. Mostly a love couple who came a visit, some even put a sentence of how much they help them throughout their years. I more curious on who this Fairchild guys is. As I looked deeper, something shocked me; a drawing of a kid and assuming him. There a writing but it all been smudged. That kid look like…

“Who there?” A voice came outta nowhere, making me jumped. The voice is coming out of the radio transmitter under a door bell. That voice sound bit old, mature tone. “We are one of your guards you sent us to get Neptune. I tell you we be back before...” “Really? Well, let me unlock the door for all of you.” The governor interrupted Maxi as the door instantly click and we went in.

The inside is a fancy looking, with red carpet going straight to the main hobby with golden sign with fancy handwriting. The dining room feature good-looking maids with some groovy foods with a plate that feature your name as well. There also plate with name on it, displaying on glass. This is what you expect for rich people, especially for a Governor. Oh! Imagining my name on it and having a massive pudding to eat! Oh it just like my fantasy!

At the main hobby, the boy and me are standing around like a still statue we are, waiting for Fairchild to come in.

“Welcome master!” All 4 maids greet us, well actually only me for some reason. This is common when guest come in, but quite enough, this seem too much. I feel like I enter in some scam events. First a yacht, then a perverted maid, then an Island and now another 4 maids getting close to me again. What did I agree to? Wait no, what have I been forced to? Next thing I know, a footstep was heard from here and we were looking where it coming from.

“Oh! Here come Fairchild himself!” Yellow hairs maid stated.

“The bravest”

“The richest”

“And the cutest man alive!” Other 3 color hairs maids chained the sentence one at the time while I was so damn confused.

“It very rare to get picked by Fairchild, you must be so lucky!” A red hairs maid tightly hugging me. Very tightly to having the feeling of my heart going out of my mouth. But I saw a figure coming out of the shadows.

A very dark red, spiky hair with black bandana around his head, a vest on it, a navy military looking pants and a combat boots. He have dark red eyes and a partly grown beard and holding an empty pack of cigarette he about to throw away. He giving me a smile with those clean shiny teeth.

“Dad?” I asked him.

Chapter III

Chapter V

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