After every guards have aboard the Yacht, we were ready to go, though we have a rough start. It look if one of those tourist boats arrives and drop off of looks like billions of people coming out and spreading apart, making delay for us. Since when we have tourists here today? It seem I haven’t got the memo for that.

“Shit, look like we be here for another minutes. If I was you Neptune, I suggest getting you stuff.”

“Huh?” I look at him as one of the guard talk to me.

“Once we hit the ocean, there no turning back. But, don’t ever think we can leave you free.”

Now he mention it, I do need one item that is back at home which I always keep and used for long time now. I just need to know where it at because last time, I move it somewhere as Histy force me to organized my room when we have a guests coming. “There is something I need to bring with me. It important for me.” I stated to them. “Fair enough. Guards, follow her and don’t let her loose. Got it?” He firmly say to both Guards, one with punk yellow hair and other with natural black hair. They both agreed.

Much strict, aren’t we?

Knowing the tourists boats will leave in some minutes, I sprint back to my house not too far away from where I am, though those two guards are having trouble, in fact they are the clumsily guys I ever seen. As I seeing bunch of people coming to the sidewalk, I noticed something… Half of those tourists both have black suits with a strange logo, it a skull with a Game console paint to it. Strangely enough, the logo is similar to the one Genesis introduced to us.

Too Similar.

As I arrives at the house and two Guards finally caught up, I have to warn them about entering inside. But as I was about to told them, they already dress up as one of my Planeptune Guards before I even take a second look at them. “How do we look Ms.Neptune?” That yellow hairs guy said. I look at his tags, his name is Maxi Philips and black hair dude is Action Pipp. How did I got into this?

Walk in, hoping no one be there, I quietly jog to my room which say “Neptunez Room” without making any noise at all, looking around my surrounding if . That plan didn’t executed very well… at all.

“Why did you trip over a golden statue Pipp?! Are you blind?!” Maxi Yelled outta nowhere, making my heart about to exploded. I suddenly turn around.

“How about you shut the hell up? You making me claustrophobia here, you dum’ bastard!” Pipp argue back

“Shh, shut up!” I quietly have to keep them down. Geez, this is more difficult then I ever experience.

“Oh! I absolutely forgot!” Pipp shouted once again.

“Shut up.” Maxi covered his mouth.

Surprisingly, no one can hear us. Are they actually home?

As I open the door to my room, I quickly ran in as well as guards does and shut it. Now I need to dig around the small box room and found what I looking for. It a sword, but unlike other thousands of swords I collected, it a wooden sword. Sadly it not as effective of what it seem, but it what I always carry when I go somewhere. It light weighted and easy to use but it also what I used in training back when I was a young lad. I was a midget at the time, wearing a farm suit, at the corn field my father once work there and train me there. Not just to help me…

But learn me to fight.

“Oi’ boys!” A distorted voice shouted out of their radio they carried. It sound like that guy who meet me back at the Cafe.

“The’y ar’ jus’t abo’t to let us go in a minut’es, you bet’ter get you’re ass over here befo’re it too lat’e.” He finished the statement.

“10-4, we are about to go on our way.” Maxi responded and put the radio back on the solider.

After preparing my stuff, we then leave the home. While it maybe the last time I go back to my home, I don’t have any choice.

“Oh damn it, we never gonna make it! Can’t he wait for us?!” Pipp complaining like it end of the world.

It unfortunate that I don’t have a transportation nearby me, usually I fly to point A to point B. It what CPU like me do. However, as I look over the garage door that never been used in such a long time, I found something I haven’t seen in a while.

It a Purple Bike with bunch of sticker and brands that Iffy (or IF as her real name. Eww.) let me borrow it for quite some time. It still have gas on it (1/3 left) and may allow 3 peoples on it. Maybe Illegal, but we don’t have time. “Get on!” I yelled, they obeyed.

Smoked the tire, wheelie outta of the driveway, drifted to the street, we aggressively hit the road, racing against the time limit without a helmet. I have to be on lookout of camera they that was installed just recently, so I could consider them as a test.

Couple second later, seeing the traffics is full of black and white vehicle, I decide to went to the back-road, (I used to go to) as it an empty straight, bumpy road, going beyond 35MPH speed limit. I took a look at the yacht if they are leaving. We see couple of guys over there ready to go and about to releasing it, but if it still here, we still have time. But I wondering how we able to passed the traffics?

“We going about 130MPH? Dear god girl, where you learn to drive lik-”

“Neptune, watch out!!” Maxi yelled, interrupting Pipp judgment.

“Huh?” When I turn back looking at the roads, a black 1999 Dodge Ram were coming right front of us. I shifted back to left line as I appearing to be oncoming the wrong side. However, I don’t think they are civilians coming though.

I saw them though my mirrors, they did an 180 degree to the same line we are right now.

“Hey Neptune, I think they following us?” Pipp clearly stated that.

“Turn on a radio girl! Give me the feel of action!” Maxi happy say that like there nothing going on in this world. I obey it anyway, a wind is bland to me. I also adjust the volume to get a better sound quality.

“Is this Eulogy by Tool?” Pipp said, or was it Maxi? I can’t hear clearly by the wind and the music. I look the mirror of who is chasing me. It seem to be one of the henchman from someone.

“Is that one of Gen-”

Pipp was interrupted as I, yet again, shifted back to another line and return back to normal position. Another black vehicle come by. How many are they?

“Neptune, turn right, like right now!” Pipp flipping out, pointing the roadblock they planted ahead of us.

“Whoa!” I instantly hit the handbrakes, tilting my bike near the ground to the correct direction. Near miss the roadblock and speed up again. Bunch of them went straight to it but only one. While one henchman is no biggie, the traffics is the biggest challenges yet. It back up near to the capital city to the dock area. We also seeing the Yacht unloading as it about to go.

“We never going to make it!” Pipp nervously said while the truck is speed aside from us, rolling their windows down. There were two of them, one is driving.

Another one… he aiming right at us.

He loaded a long mag to the room, trying to aim a perfect shot.

“Damn!” Pipp shouted.

As soon as he about to pull a trigger, a truck ramp were visible on the second line near to a commercial Semi-Truck. The jump of how far I can go is either under or on the highway bridge, it a risk but what else? The sidewalk is full of people and the traffics is still back up with no room to zoom there. While the bike maybe thin but it will get on it.

I sheer the line, near missing the baby blue van while the gunman shooting like a mad man and barely ducking down as our life is on danger. I mean, we all on danger and one way or another, it maybe a fatal situation. We speed to an edge of a ramp, having a little back to the rear which down the speed, and taking a risk.

Before my eyes, I seeing the top view like I on top of the mountain. The traffics is long away due to roadblock, thousands of people surrounding the road as well with their phone up, waiting for a criminals to go by.

This, in my entire life, never happened in Gamindustri, and the sad fact, I am a criminal that people waiting on. Assuming I am. I look to my left, the henchman wreck as the drive wasn’t actually pay attention to the roads. But as I look ahead, I was over the highway, way over, like I was flying like an eagle. Down below me, people looking at us, taking a picture. That how extreme it is and it was more of a terror for me but for those two boys behind me was yelling out of excitement. Is this normal for them?

After flying over the highway, we landed very rough on top of an another Semi-Truck to point we side the bike and trip over on top of it. The bleeding pain on my elbow and hearing the painful moan was awful to bear, but we survive neither the less so that check off on my list.

“It would be more prefer if we jog though there. I don't think they be moving anytime soon.” Maxi stated. He does have a point since it be way more safer while staying hidden against the police (or MY police) and those henchman they sent after us. Otherwise, I be going to jail (ironically) or be killed. Who those people? Why they trying to kill us? Pipp caught the bike and I jump down on the Semi-Truck carefully so I don't break any bone or any more pain that I in right now.

I got a closer look on the roadblock, it seem that police were on the lookout of the criminal and that, they want to capture it. Since this is a big event and everyone was taking a picture of me, I would assume they would recognize me by now. As soon the boat was yelling, we gun it to the door and upstairs to report that Russian man. He seem disappointment but not enough to yell at us. “Tha’ waz’ clos’ call.” He firmly say.

After a long ride, the yacht have finally started to move.

Chapter II

Chapter IV

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