After a short battle end and everyone sort it out with getting Tio member out of ocean, we are close to landing on the smoky and low contract island that is Red Zone itself. The dock seem to be packed with so many rusty boat and ship as well as sign along our way with a rather threaten message that looked like it recently got sprayed, shouted “Enter if you dare”. We already being a daredevil ever since I first step in Fair Zone.

“So, what you guys do?” I asked Tio in curiosity of their look and their purpose.

“We the Blue Bay Pirate or B.B.P if you want to.”

“You don’t look like Pirate at all.” I said to him. They all wearing navy uniform which is strange.

“Ha! We get that a lot.” He chuckled a little.

We hunt each ship around near to Red Zone for loot and money. We used to be part of The Underground to hunt down greedy cooperation but after what happened long time ago between me and Genesis, things were different and therefore, I hunt money to still alive.” Tio look at his stopwatch with a picture of some girl with curly golden hair with him.

“You have relationship with Genesis?” I asked him. I still remembering the Vita Production building where I appear to hang out with some couple of guys. I don’t know when that happened and don’t know if that any important. I don’t think so anyway.

“We used to be friend. But after the offer someone make with him, he betray us and now, look where he is.” Tio seem furious.

“Yo, I got some detail.” One member with a wacky red hair shouted out.

“Well, spill it out.” Tio firmly ask him.

“Okay, get this: Red Zone is owned by Genesis, we all get that. There a bridge that go to his District, but if we want to go there, we need a pass and only the pigs can go there.”

“Pig, are you referring to the Police at Red Zone?” Mark question him. Many people often call the police “pig” which is insulting term to use. Some even used on me and other CPU which kinda suck to be honest.

“Yes, of course I am referring that. The bridge gate required Level 5 card so we need to take one down who have one. Red Zone is very dangerous and we in big risk once we land in there so we need to be together. Y’all got it?” He point everyone around him as double checking.

“But everyone know we working together and with that, they going call the police and get us in that prison island!” Craft Member call out on him.

“You mean the small island where literally almost everyone in that hell hole?” Another member of our mention about it as well.

“What Prison Island?” My curiosity sparked.

“It a place worse then Gamindustri or Fair Island Prison. They call it Jaguar Prison Island. There, it only brutality and violent. No fairness, just hell and you stuck there until you rot.” Mark seem very firm about this Jaguar Prison Island. Don’t know why comparing to Gamindustri Prison. Rarely even go there unless the crime they commit are very bad. Wait, CPU can’t go beyond the Gamindustri Zone and they will get interviewed with the supreme court if they do so. Seem like continuing forward is my only option now.

“You guys ready?” Tio and us are preparing as we about to hit land in Red Zone. Smoke are slim to cover us but enough to cough it off. I got my bag once more to get my coughing mask I apparently brought with me for some reason and put it on to avoid second hand smoke.

“Here Neptune.” B.B.P Member hand me a dark, slender Shotgun, loaded with 12 barrels and 4 mags he hand me over. Shotgun are good for near range but can’t say it great with everything. It come with a rope support to put it to your back.

“Now listen, there monster in some area so be careful.” Tio warn us when the boat stopped at the dock. The broad lay narrow down to the harden ground where we drop off. “Be aware guys and have a safe trip.” The boat driver with buzz cut hair and dark glasses who also part of our rebellion have give us a sarcasm goodbye in calm manner. He stay there to protect the boat and case we need to get off. We landed on a Dock port where we seeing many people walking by while we loaded and ready to go. Tio are giving us a look.

“We need to be separated. Take a look around the city and see what you found anything important. Let go!” Everyone then went away, going in each different direction. I decide to go to the left where it led to the stair and to the city of nothing but smoke, ruin and bizarre people going insane. The police are brutal and on lookout every single direction I look at. This is hell I enter alright. If I want to avoid the trouble, I need to act normal as possible without any suspension to the Red Zone Forces.

The city block is fill with many propaganda poster with Genesis on it with quote “We will save industry” over and under his face which referring the Gaming industry. Couple of guys smoking with their devious anger face staring at me while I walking with my shotgun on my back. It seem everyone carry a gun with them as part of the norm of society. If this the gate to Genesis District, I not ready to even take a single step to his ground. A protest surrounded the propaganda poster have ended rather quickly with the police force warning them to back that. Either that or they shoot. The police ahead of me told me to go away as it consider none of my business. I wasn’t too interested anyway so I did what he told me to do. To my left is growing red slim fog up ahead where everyone hang out with the ladies and drink as well as Electronica music heard over there, sound like Switch from Fluke. Over my head is street sign with “Red Light District” written over it as it was something else. All the broken stuff on the street is most of the old video game console as well as DVD broken into pieces. There a video game store that is close to empty where someone was stealing most of the game though he was later caught by the force.

The box contain really old game that I used to looking at this stuff back then including “Supha Plumber Sister” “F-One” “Speed for Need” among with 80s looking console marked by Lowee. This is one Blanc was talking about while back! That one same police came at me with a normal face I ever seen in this messy city yet.

“Excuse me mam, I need these for investigation.” He pull the box up to his belly whom struggling to keep it up.

“By the way, are you too young to be in this area?” He seem to question about my height as if I am little girl. I found it to be surprising that he asked in such a calm manner with normal question. I hand my fake ID to him to prove him I am old enough to go anywhere. He then leave me alone to do his job. Even though I should have a chance to steal his card, it not what we looking for so I just left.

Walking across the sidewalk with many people looking at me, I just got a call from random number with unknown location. Most likely a telemarketer but I always curious on what it about. I click the green call button to answer a call.

“Don’t go any farther. Go back where you came from before she find you.” Anonymous then hang up with only statement it say. What the hell is that about? Is it a prank someone pulling? I ignore the call, put the phone back and continuing my day. A girl who came out from valley with a cat ear on top of her red twin hair was giving me her red eye look to me. Though I look away to avoid eye contract, I look back at her as I recognize her back at the Yacht from the trip to Fairchild District.

“Hey! I so glad to see you again Neptune!” Akia is glad to see me again with her sparkle face once more. This time however, she dress differently and in unexpected way with her emo, exposing clothes where her middle chest is visible and going to her couch with a high thigh sock and knee level combat boot.

“What you doing here Akia?” I was wondering why she in Red Zone at of all place to go to.

“Just meeting a friend is all.” Akia straight up answer it. What friends is it? Must be a strange one I must say. “You know, I could ask you the same. What you doing here in this messy town?” She still seem happy even though there many events around here are happening. I prefer not to answer.

“Oh wait, are you after Genesis as well?” She figure it out apparently.

“Yes. I not surprised you into this as well.” Though this is Genesis property, I shouldn’t say anything like this as the camera are blandly looking us. Big brother could be watching us.

“Everyone, run!!” A citizen ran away fast as he could with wild monster on the loose. However, these are no normal monster, but rather a science go wrong experience as they all coming from the Red Masa Science Apartment. Most of them are robot but some are from Gamindustri whom been modified. Bunch of blue Dogoo have an evil face and messing an eye. They all spreading around the town of Red Light District and everyone is running away while the force are coming on the way. One of the metal spider was getting close to me and I blast my shotgun away from it as they blow up into piece. I try to shoot as many as I can while Akia is hiding behind me from fear. The Dogoo and the robot monster are keep appearing everywhere and I can’t get them all. What the hell happen to them? They all coming from different direction where one about to jump at me which they also got blow away from the shotgun blast, however that only one outta of hundreds while reloading

“Neptune, I found a hideout for now, follow me quick!” Akia yell over me and pointing the door to the valley where we can hide from the enemy and shortly relax for now. The room is seem to be an abandoned computer lab where all technology are seen broken or turn off, wired hanging in the ceiling and plant growing, showing it age of how abandoned it really is. The former company was “Project Lewix” who was behind the new operation system under Lewix Kernel that let you change the current OS to their own which provide better security and customization. Better yet, you can even create your own OS under Lewix. It was later become worldwide in Hyperdimension. It sad they went bankrupted and (later became a lost technology) when people prefer Leanbox OS way more even though it does break the rule with privacy invasion. It such a terrify world we live in.

“Seem like a ‘Sector Sweep’ here, do you think?” Akia looking around the building with a paper from the desk.

Sector Sweep is term where business go abandoned everything and plan to sweep it clean to make it look unused as if the business just don’t exist anymore. It usually used when the place is about to be used again by different company. Recently, Gamindustri no longer have that system but instead, we let it abandoned until someone brought the place and then they can do what they want.

It seem like they about to do a Sector Sweep at Project Lewix, but forgot to do so. The paper at the computer desk she grab seconds ago show the date of Sector Sweep “November 16, 1998” which it was approximately 20 or so years ago.

“I going need to call someone, you mind to keep quite please?” Akia hold up her phone with her kind voice toward me while going to other room. I keep glancing at the block computer and the base to see if it work. Only one work right now with the Lastation “LS” Symbol on it. I surprised Lewix used Lastation system to get the Operation working, if Lastation even exist back then. The screen pop up with the cute anime girl as their logo on the boot up, loading very slowly.

While I was focusing on the computer from my childhood, I just noticed the sound outside is now a total silence with police siren coming in our way. Already? It have been a minutes since we went in. During that time, a computer finished booting up with notepad open with a message:

“November 5, 1998 I can’t stand it. after Genesis now owned the half of the land from Fairchild, the Vice District is nothing but just a shit hole, filled with propaganda and some building are getting the “Sector Sweep” including us. The force don’t care anymore, they want to take everything from everyone. Last thing I heard from the staff member, Genesis at his, now owned, district is forming an organizing know as D.O.S.S (Deadly Of Six Sin). Six people who have been heavy trained are involved for killing citizens if they disobey Genesis Law. Thanks god that don’t effect to Vice District but I am worried about this island future. If you reading this, I ran away far, far away. If you do see me, tell me how Vice District going. ~Lewix. “

There other 38 blogs he have written in the past, mostly update and life blog on his daily life. Damn that hard to believe that the founder have left during this event. It seem like this have been going on for decades now. I have question that appear on my mind: What is D.O.S.S and Vice District? I assume Vice District is now Red Zone as it written in this computer in this certain location. I having so many stuff going on in my head, I feel like I dug to the ground so deep I can’t go farther down and can’t get back up either.

“Hey, there police out there!” Akia flipping out after he suddenly slam the door. We heard a footstep after the door slam from the vehicle and the noise are getting close to us. Then the door was kicked with the flashlight blur my eyesight with my hand cover over my head.

“RZPD, put you hands in the air!” They shouted while aiming at us, preparing to shoot at anytime if we disobey.

“Akia, I glad you okay.” One guard call her name, lowing his gun a little.

“I know, there was sudden change of plan here guys.” Akia went on explaining to the RZPD. Wait, something isn’t right.

“You know those guys Akia?” I asked her a question, pointing at them.

“Yes, they are my friends. Oh, you seem confused Neptune.” Akia seem to have a sight deeper voice as if it sound natural. “You see, I on a mission as well as you. Genesis hired me as Undercover to prevent you to take us down as soon he return back to his base.” Akia is showing her evil aura with her evil smile.

“You son of the bitch.” The anger I having showcasing how pissed I was. It unbelievable the one who working with the greed all the long, the one who betray as a friend. The anonymous call back then, was he referring Akia? I should follow his instruction while back.

“Oh Neptune, don’t forget this. I am a number one member of the Deadly Of Six Sin, the unstoppable organization of Genesis District! We will rule the world one day and you can’t do anything now.” She point at me while yelling over her statement. “Guards, get her.” She then left the room while guards come toward me with a heavy Assault Rifle of their.

“Wait, hold on!”

Before I have a chance of getting her, the guards blocked the way for me and push me away. Before I knew it, they hit the side of the Rifle to the cheekbone where I have fallen to the ground, can’t even stand up.

The last word I heard from them was something like “...prison Island...” before my vision blacked out.

Damn you Akia.

Chapter XI

Enter Part Two! Neptune will await for you

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