After the meeting was over, our colleges greeted us to see them in next 2 days and files back to their nations as well as everyone return to home after Nao finished her song (it still packed, even if no events were to appear). We suggested we do the same as there nothing to do in Lastation. I would Figured Vert were to steal my sister back to Leanbox and do whatever she do to her during the meeting, but not today it appeared (Vert is only CPU that don’t have a sister).

When we return back to Planeptune City, I forgot that I am out of pudding and since this is very important task (for me a least)! I need to tell Nepgear about this.

“Nepgear, can you go ahead? I need som...”

“Pudding, got it...” She predicted of what I about to say.

“Just don’t take forever, we need to be prepared for next 2 days.” Nepgear worries stated.

“Don’t worry, I be there before you even know!”

After our chit-chat, I run to the nearby Nep-Mart to get what I want. It one of the most recent store that they created, in fact it just open a day ago! As I look though the windows, I see various of stuff like Meat, Daily, etc. etc. but more importantly, Pudding! Bunch of them, it just like my dream from other day!

Mouth drooling aside as some starring at me, I went though an automatic doors with a cool A/C introduce to me and summer heat left me. It a small building but very useful for quick pick up. As usual, I spent about 20 minutes buying pudding (buy about $50 worth) and went to gaming store to buy some goods. Though most of them are really damn good game and console, it appeared that $1,200 just for a rare game (double that up with other console) is bit too much, but Super Plumber 128 is one of those greatest 90s game ever!

While I was sobbing like a begging 3-years old kid, a limbo looking vehicle stop by in an instant, you could even hear the tires yelling beyond the close doors, it was so nepping loud (I think my ear is bleeding). I thought it was Histy and Nepgear looking for me after roaming around for while, I rolling my eyes if case of that happening.

But as it appeared, that not the case. It actually couple of guards-looking guys, armed (well, not equipped but carrying it… are you sick and tired of me thinking?) with a serious faces, look like they are preparing a go to war. Oh no, is my guard looking for me? Is this type of punishment that Histy giving me? What a pain…

As I look closely however, it not from our nation or any nation in fact. Military dark green with armor around their tough chest as well as a completely different seal I never see before… or do I? Trying to pitch my eyes bit farther as I can, the seal show an Island with lonely palm tree and said “Fair Island Protector”. Wait a minutes, why that name sound familiar?

“Hey um...” One of the guards speak in a deepest voice I ever heard of.

“Have you seen a girl with a… Pink hairs wearing a parka come around here? What her name Safen?” Another man spoke up. That sound like me! Wait, are they looking for me?

“Neptune, her name is Neptune. How the hell you forgot her name?! He told us that millions time before!” He yelled. That me alrig… Oh no, I need to get out of here before it too late.

As I went to the exit, presuming it is the exit, I gently open the door while I looking at the guards talking to the salesman but as soon I see a bright light outside, the rings goes ring and the light goes flashes. Dammit, I actually trip an alarm when entering a prohibited door.

“There she is! After her!” They yelled and I ran. Though the door, I not only seeing the normal life of the city, there guards everywhere, from left to right! They are even attempting of sending reinforcement to the area. Where the hell did they come from outta of nowhere? I run as far as I can though a dark valley way to the sidewalk near to the capital and hide to the manga cafe where I lost them quickly. The only thing I hearing is them shouting only about me. What did I do wrong?

As I turn around, there only one guard, sitting down, and giving me a stare. Creepy.

“We’r bee’n lookie for yall for a’n while eh? Whe’re Yall bee’n?” Person with a Russian tone spoke to me as he was about to get up.

“What the hell are you looking me for? What did I do to deserve this?” I question him about this situation I going though.

“Sumon’e wan’t to talk for yo’u. He go’t somethungs to te’l yo’u abou’t?” He replay. I can barely understand what he saying.

“Who is this someone? Give me some answer!” I asked again.

“Yo’u hav’e to se’e for yo’r self. I’t a… bit supris’e for yo’u” He hiccup after he done speaking while bunch of guards open the door behind me. They came together and preparing a Limbo for me.

“Come on, the ride is waiting for you. We don’t have all day.” Man in suit open the door for me, appearing that I don’t have a choice to make.

During a long miles being bored out of my mind, I look at the sideways seeing people passing by. By then, I saw a familiar face, gold hair and gold suit, that Genesis himself! We were both maintaining eye contact and next seconds he was crowed by people. I only see him for bit of seconds, seeing him bit angry. What going on about him? Couple minutes later and it seem that we arrives at the docks where they have a… Holy crap, is that a Yacht? How rich are they?

“You see that Neptune? That one we be riding in today. You lucky girl, you know that?” Young man with sunglasses on appeared to be flirting with me, although he is correct.

“Sorry, I not looking for any man. You see, I prefer to be single.” I stated clear to him and he just started to cry.

“Hey, come on!” Guy on top of the Yacht shouted. I do need to get going, curious on who this guy is. I don’t know why, but I actually excited! Though, like some say...

Curiosity killed the cat.

Chapter I

Chapter III

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