Chapter XI (11)


I can’t nor I don’t want to explain about my choice I made about... maybe a least 24 hours ago where I was just meeting my father who is a governor of the island, simply known as Fair District, who explain the situation of a corrupt person, Genesis Van Kiachi, that one fancy looking guy who announced his gaming console: Genesis X around Gamindustri. Little do I know that, this ‘unique’ console is what going to be the end of the world as we know of.

I now in this pile of mess I in where last time, me and as well of group of wasteland guys (including that sea pirate crew) were investigate the Red Zone to go to the gate of Genesis District and ended his plan once and for all. Last thing I want is someone who I recognized, knocked me out and sent me to one of the worst place ever existed in Hyperdimension.

Guess what, I in that place.


I was barely woken, vision of pitch black as it is and the pain to the head still getting me the nerve. The chatter and the decision around my ear, left to right make me wonder what going on. Should I open my tired eyes or wait? Do I want to know? Not really but I forgot I still on the deadline. 3 days is damnedest short and I feel like if I don’t have time to get prepared. “Wake the hell up.” The deep, mature voice poke me to my right cheek annoyingly in attempt to awaken me. I was lying the cold, hard stone floor where my hand appear to be hurt from the last time where the bland solider strike me with his semi-auto gun handle. The light aimed and strain right at my eye and in the instant I reacted in way I feel like I in shock. I looked back at it and it appear to be a group of 8 peoples with each have it own design; one have bulky head, another have spike hair with a David Bowie red lighten to his right eye while couple are skinny and other 4 people are average with bizarre tattoo. Next to my right is the brown hair guy with a red star to his right eye, a coughing mask as well as some Adidas long t-shirt and a ripped jeans.

“Oi, sh’e awake, Jose.” The bulky head point it out as if it were a big deal. “No dip, Fat Bastard. We can see that.” Jose with a spike hair shouted at him where it seem like they about to start an argument. I started with my leg to get myself back up. “Guys, shut the hell up. The guards can hear us.” The brown hair command everyone and it seem that work. He seem to be a leader of whatever this is. Aware of my surrounding, it seem I am stuck at the dull, lifeless brick square room behind an iron bar. The clock ahead the bar marked 13:27 and with the crowd line, I assume breakfast time is over. This is prison all right and that the last thing I ever want to think about it.

“You are Neptune?” I nodded up and down the brown hair question in calmest manner. I don’t know who the hell I dealing with so I should zip my mouth for now. I also curious how he know me but at same time, I do meet bunch of stranger so it no big surprise at this point. “That good news. Fairchild contact us after the report that Tio, the leader of Blue Bay Pirate, send and that you were captured by those GCP. I have to say, they hit you hard enough that we can’t even keep all the blood away from your face. It was that bad enough already.” He explained what happened while I was knocked out. That bitch, Akia, trick me into thinking she on my side and betray me afterword.

“Oh, where my manner? Name is Fang the Great, I am former gunsmith back at Planeptune and I think you may know me after arresting me several time before.” I can recognized a gunsmith mile away due to fact that he the only gunsmith in my own nation ever. He is 24 years old with no history of his family and have some criminal record involving some illegal currency known as bitcoin at the time. I wonder what he doing here? “I am a leader of this group known as ‘Striker’ and the thing is...” Fang look around to see if no one is listening. Crowd still going, loud and clear, making it hard to hear us. “We all have a plan and while it does involved risk, I can say, this is bulletproof plan.”

“So what the plan?” I decide to spoke up in this case. I need more provided information on this prison escape as I prefer we don’t make single mistake and ended up worse then hell itself.

“First, we distressed the guards in Lunch room. Some of us act like we having some mental issues such like throwing stuff toward the police, Then me and Jose will get the key. You and Fang go to the storage room and get our stuff, so therefore we get all we needed when we are done. Y’all got it?” Fat Bastard shortly explained this plan they gather for while and I will say…. This is the worse plan I ever heard of.

“Dumbass! Move to your damn cage animal!” The guards is shouting at the some prisoner who refused to get in the caged room. “Most guards have been acted like this ever since we got here, so it not big surprise if you heard a least one guards yelling out of his head.” Jose explained. I also witnessed some people getting abused by police brute force with the baton on their body, showing off their brutality. Lucky, no one got killed (by Federal law, you can’t really do that anyway) but they were badly hurt. Let just hope this plan a least go well.

Because I don’t even want a single mark by them.

Chapter X (Part One)

Chapter XII

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