Chapter XIV (14)

Amid a dangerous event, a cluster of prisoners surrounds the area of the empty ground while some are armed and some are even now attempting to escape this island when loads of HDF (HyperDimension Federal) are about to take us down. They are equipped with nightsticks and armor while we stuck with puny weapons that not going to help us. This may seem dire, but right front of us is a dock, with wads of boats that HDF currently parked; pack with roughly 150 horsepower and could fit about 8 to 10 people but there not enough to get about over 300 peoples.

“The boats! That could be our gateway plan, Fang!" I shouted to him while people are running toward the guards and crying out of freedom which makes it sightly inaudible.

“Are you stupid?! They currently protecting it and we got our ass kicked by them if we go there." Fang was vexing against my plan and I sighted over annoyance. I took a glance at the battle and it appears that the amount of HDF is seemly low actually against 300 of us and the prisoner is taking the beat out of them. Right now, there 3 guards down.

“We don’t have a choice. There no way out of this mess.” I have to point out the obvious to get him attention. He does seem to be ill-tempered (though look confused) with that idea I told him. His teammate; Doxer and Jose agree to what I have to say. Despise the Federal may follow us if we do steal their boats, it the only way to a least get out of here.

“You have to agree with her. You don't want to be with 'him', do you?" Doxer pointed at the poster against the building wall where it showcases Genesis clean smug smile with the statement that points out "GENESIS WILL SAVE INDUSTRY" in bold wording, black and white as well as his dull eye staring with his black eye. Fang, as well as a couple of guys, look at it, knowing he ire on him and turn back to me.

“Okay… Let try our best." He loosens up, took a bulletproof armor that Nike once wore and equipped it. He raised his fist (so did we) and we proceeded to run toward the dock. The guards look at us with their inflamed eyes and preparing to strike while running toward us with their nightstick hanging to their hands. They about to approached us right now.

“Leave this to me." The Prisoner in yellow, sharp hair manged to slam one guard down while another guard attempt to grab me and I push him away, but I also somewhat fall to the muddy ground. While I got back up, I was falling behind for inch away. As I ran and ran, I gaze at the fight around me, peering what I saw. Prisoner getting held down by guards, others laying down of being worn out and some are hiding from fear of violence that is going on. Regard to the event, What can I say? Or 'how' can I say? My mind is confused as it already is. Why the violent? Why all this hate? I can't focus much of this as I am currently aiming to get back with 'The Striker' and get out of this bloody mess. The dock is nearby and the guards are, yet again, prepared to strike us, without the stick or any weapons this time. They are in an organized row, kneeing down with their shield held straight as their only defense to protect the dock. The leader of the guard (Name painted Kai that sits on his suit) stand front ahead, holding a megaphone with an exasperation face of his.

“STOP RIGHT THERE..." He echoes right to our ear as clear as it was, firmer then I expected. We proceed to stop a mile away from the rough, hard floor that is made of concrete. Up ahead is the wooden dock and abridge list of boats that are stalling, floating in water right now. We acted desperate, begging to take the boat which showing how bad we want to get out. Genesis has done more than enough and we all wanted a piece of him. Right now, these guards are the wall and us here to take that wall down. "Don't take another step. We will attack if you don't obey our rules." Yet again, he yells against us in rebel mood. They about to step ahead toward us as Kai is holding firm still with his megaphone to his mouth. Fang swing his head to me with his darkest brown eye staring at me.

“Hope you embrace this. They not going go gentle on you." He talks in quite a tone and turns back to his position. To my head where it automatic recognized that quote he makes goes back from my faded memories where it shows an image of one of the abandoned backyard that featured a swing that hooks on slender tree, unused thick tire stuck on the grass and weak fence wall as well as broken mirror of me of 13 years old who worn such. The sun glance at me and the tall shadowy figure that resembles Fairchild with his young looks and his iconic bulletproof armor. He points at the wooden person with a poorly drawn face on the head and target painted on the chest.

“Listen here, let pretend this guy wants to attack you. What would you do in this situation?" He usually plans a scenario on each situation we do together to do it right. We always do this training every weekend after school. It wasn't too harsh but it wasn't too easy either. Even Fairchild does this whenever he was in his early teen which explains why he doing this to me. I do remember part of this image and the fact is that this was before he became a governor of Fair Island.

“Fight back?" I was uncertain about the answer.

“Of course not! This guy is tougher than you. You can't fight him in the current strength you got right now. But, there one skill you are good at, and that defense. You always roll around when somebody swings their fist at you." He then pats my back in a rough way that forces my body to move a little bit. I look at him for the last time. "They not going go gentle on you." And the rest was blurred.

“THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING! SURRENDERED NOW OR DROP DEAD!" Kai, in pissed off manner, roared to our face to the point where even some of our members are scared. Kai drops his megaphone then brings up his taser in his defense. Jose, Doxer, Fang as well as Me and the rest are popping their bone-in preparing to get into, maybe, one of the most brutal fights yet. Kai then looks to his guards as a sign that he about to make his move. "Go!" He points to us as the row of guards is running toward us. We did the same as well, with our rebel yell, rising our fist and weapons, we knew that this will be more than just getting our hands dirty.

I just saw a bunch of guys just got smashed by the guards while other managed to slam a least one of the guards down in mist that I try to focus their move so I can go next, however, I look like I sitting duck in the middle of open fields and that guard is spiriting toward. In an attempt, I jump over him while my leg kicks wide high to the point his helmet was broken and flip his body to the dirt. I land in perfect balance a least and equipped a nightstick that I spot where he drops it. Looking up ahead is where the fight is taking to left and right, and the empty straight line is just Kai and me, and honestly, the situation slightly reminded me of when I was fighting against Neo the Geo back at Fair Island.

Behind him is the boats to his right and right at the edge of the dock is saltwater. He giving his hand gestures where all 4 fingers bending out and in the palm as signals to come where heat. I put my left foot hard to the ground and I run while he getting in his fighting pose. I run and run till the time where he set his right fist almost aim to my face. His timing was slightly off as I somewhat roll over aside from him and he slings his body almost to close to the ocean, but right when he recovered his miss attack, I have held on to nightstick and when he saw me, it was too late to react in way that I throw my attack right in his back and yell in pain. He then fell down and around us is his guard's mouth open like a dying fish wanting oxygen. While he tries to get up, Fang walks to him and threatens with his unloaded shotgun to his head and with Kai's worried feeling, we knew that he can't do anything now. Not even his or prison guards have the will to beat us when the leader can't even lead one leg to get up and we already about to get out soon.

“Listen punk, I don't have time to explain this, so let me get straight to the point. We are going to get that Genesis bastard who been using his people for far too long, no matter what. You use no harm to us, we not going to harm you or anyone anymore. You got that?" Fang shows his aggressive behavior in the term where even Kai is afraid of him now. He then moves aside where Fang and his crew then stole the key and got in the boat. Jose was checking the battery and later use the key to turn on the boat which then makes a roar that gives us a short scare.

“You coming, Neptune?" Fang yell my name as I just standing there. I proceeded to leap over the ledge of the boat and sit down one of those coaches and sigh exhaustively while looking at other boats moving along with others.

“You ready?" Jose preparing the boat as other prisoners already drove off and we about to be the only one sitting here. He then smashed the gas, making the boats jerk the ocean very heavily while water was flying and dancing around the floor and we managed to catch up with other people. They were shouting happily (as well as dancing and rising their fist up to the sky) like they were having a blast of being free for once. Honestly, I never experience something like this. Sure, my current friendship with Blanc, Vert, and Noire among my dear sister, Nepgear and their sister: Uni (Noire) and Rom and Ram (Blanc), we always have a blast of going around Gamindustri and fighting a monster and saving the world. But this type of fun is something I haven't fully experience in long time since my childhood in Fair Island when I used to hang around with other people in school and we used to sing among some song (Kinda like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. Always getting confused between those two band) and just having fun I guess. When Doxer and Fang were just messing around like throwing some used beach ball they just found under the desk (for some reason), I join among them and somehow throw the hardest, ended with a flat ball and feathering to the ocean. They then grunt out laughing and I did the same.

A moment later when the clock strike 2:12 PM (14:12, damn the time go slow) and the light cloud is about to cover the sun soon while we all chilling, I noticed some odd. A light that blurs Blue, Green and White line and flying fast like a jet plane went over us and make a supersonic-like sound to our ear, as well as wind lightly, blow at us. That color is something I immediately recognized of who that was, but it was too blurry, I can't tell who.

"Look like we got company." Fang and the rest witnessed the sound and the color line that mark on the sky before the cloud caught up and blind it. We all wondering like a curious dog of what that about. The line seems to go straight to the dark fog up ahead where the tower and some urban buildings were barely seen. I take a look closer to that place as I never saw anything like it; It some row of depressed style building with a huge tower that every power line is connected to every building. Sadly it is not the Technology Plant but it looks similar to that.

“What is that city?" I asked in an uncanny tone. The eerie city we going to isn't what I imagined for Genesis District… or, it isn't at all it seems.

“That is City 23, the totalitarianism state that is worse then Genesis District..." Fang stated.

Chapter XIII

It far from over. While Neptune did escape from Prison, she will face some of the most dangerous crew up ahead her adventure. Find out in next episode!

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