Chapter XII (12)

As we were staring at the clock for some time now after people return to their cage, waiting for the small arm to hit at 30 while it says 2:28. During the time, the entire prisoner in this hellhole agrees to this plan after we discussed it (Jose is recognized in the hereafter). While staring at the clock, Fang the Great is looking at his surroundings to see if there is any wrong with our plan, double-check the number of guards (Total of 23 since this is a rather small building for prison) and see if everyone is prepared. I already forgot the plan since the way Fat Bastard (AKA Doxer) explained was unclear (I heard he not good with English when it comes to sentence). Luckily, Jose able to revise what he says to me.

"The idea here is Everyone act usual while Fat Bastard is distressing the police. Then I get the key, which leads to outside. You, Neptune, and Fang will go to the storage room to get our stuff. Afterward, we all going to reach Heaven!" Jose seems to be happy the way he sought the sentence.

"The Heaven?" The heaven I remember is back at Fair Zone where the small town at Fairchild District is considered to be 'The Heaven'. The reason the boys call it is the fact that they been in this prison for 2 days (wow) and the way they say Heaven is just exaggerated so they not referring to other Heaven. "Guys! We got about 43 seconds. Get ready." Fang and as well as other people including me are preparing. "I hope you don't screw this up, Neptune," Fang warned me as if like he depends on this. I depending on this as well, otherwise, the Hyperdimension we all know of will fall apart

I, like a CPU, will not let that happened.

"ATTENTION PRISONER!!" The guards with old skin and circle glasses shouted in the megaphone to catch every single one of our attention. "You got about 30 minutes of lunchtime! Make it the worth of your time! And don't do any stupid or you will face our wrath." He then slams the big red button where all the cage slides open in an instant. "Enjoy." With his last, deepening, voice, we all head to the lunchroom where all the line is backed up to no end. "Remember our plan, Neptune." Jose and Doxer took a different route as soon he whispers to my ear quickly. "While this is Low-level prison, don't expect them to be nice to you." Fang firmly told me as I witnessed prisoners get smack talk by guards over one question.

The Line seems to die down and only about 26 minutes left before lunchtime is over. Their selection is god-tier awful: The outdated streak and mashed potatoes that look like it was done poorly. After we got the food and looking around to see if no one is in our way, we took a sketchy table and place down our foods. "Doxer should be here by now," Fang whispered, looking at his back to see if he around somewhere. I instantly recognized him at the far-right counter where the line has expanded to the main area.

"I don't understand, he not fat at all. Why you call him a fat bastard." I started to ask him a question. Aside from his bulky, bold head, that doesn't make him fat at all. Doxer is a more average person with a big head, his serious face and not to mention his vein is popping out of his head. Bunch of bands-aids across his right ear.

"Well, he used to be fat back then the days when we first meet him at middle school. We used to be a bunch of deviants, hanging in outside of school building. He was a bastard to us as well as many punks, hence he got into a fight a lot. Since he was a brave boy, we decide to help him out. Thus, we decided to coin his name "Fat Bastard". Although he is now 'Doxer' due to his skill in computer science, we still call him that as it was easier for us. The sad part is, he won't have an official name. Living with an ungrateful parent isn't the best experience to get." Fang told a rather short tale of Doxer and his back story of how Doxer meets them. Many people back in Fair Middle School were either poor or some punk that asks for your money. It was also in an urban area instead of the countryside. Pretty much how my life goes sadly. Growing up with my actual, unknown father who decides to abandon me without any reason and mother who wasn't financially successful, it a rough life. I do remember back in my dream when my vision showcase him with his "X" symbol at the back of his jackets before he left. The X-Class?

"Hey, you Neptune, right?" A corrupted police officer with his smug simile came toward me who appear to recognized me. He armed with his nightstick, waiting for his time to strike. "You know, it unfortunate that a famous CPU is now locked up by our glorious place by a glorious, brave man, Genesis. All because you have to cross to Red Zone. The quite stupid decision I will say." He seems to be mocking me by my decision in Red Zone and his smug smile is a symbol of a psycho. "I surprise you know my normal and my CPU stand. Some undercover I presume?" I asked him. "We were at the meeting room… Well not in that room but inside that Lastation building. We saw you with Fairchild Guards in that vehicle as well as you in that yacht. Genesis knows what going on so he calls us to go to Planeptune to lock that place down and discuss some plan."

"You shut down my hometown? What kind of cold-heart bastard are you?" I act audaciously to him when he proudly stated that. "Ask Genesis for that. Although you in this hell hole now. You were a pain in an ass you know. We send ninjas in a desert at Fair Islands, which they failed. We also send one of the most ruthless Pirates in Sea to Red Zone known as Blue Sea pirates which they decide to join you as well." He seems aggressive in saying that. "But we got you, so there no point to end Genesis greatest plan so just lay back-"

"Aaaageee!!!" Grunts coming from the center of the lunchroom who appear to be on the floor interrupt his talks as many people including the officer circle around him, catching his attention. The one on the floor appears to be Doxer, meaning the plan just got started. "Stay right here bitch." He aims his nightstick to my face and then left to the crowd. Fang and I were just staring at each other. "You ready?" Fang asked me before we get started. I never thought we will attempt to escape prison. I then shake my head up and down and ran to the entrance of the lunchroom and the left with a sign on top "Storage Room" where we saw one of the guards open the door and spotted us.

"Hey!" Right after he shouted, one man came from the right hallway and knocked them out with a single body slam and attempting to silence him for a short time. "Go!" He shouted to us as well as throw the key to use. We then process to the Storage Room and lock the door behind us before they can get us again. While looking around, the room has a grunge warehouse that looks to it. The rotting concrete floor and a bunch of wooden crates where many people belonging go to. It a huge room with almost no space. Each row, up to 30, has its crates with no name mark to it, making it almost impossible to get our stuff. I and Fang decide to go to each different direction and look at every box to get the stuff we needed for the outside world. The noise from the lunchroom started to increased as it heard that there fighting to go on. "Doxer fighting again?" Fang echo his voice across to my left ear, sound more distress from him. "He just never give up, eh?"

The thunderous grunt from the hallway, to where we are, sounded adjacent. A truculent full of ill-tempered people with the sound of their fist pow and yelling sounded like a violent outbreak going on. I also heard a mutter echo through the door but it not even audible to hear the word, but it does send a disturbance to both me and Fang when we witness a broken brick from a prisoner who was knocked against the brick wall among with bone break from a mile radius. We started to dash through every single row from second each, even to point where we started to break almost everything here. A bunch of metal-build objects falling to the ground makes a noticeable sound but we were looking for every detail as fast as we can. It was racing to this point.

"Found it!" Fang shouted in excitement when he showoff his Couch gun, modified to make it shorter. As soon my eyesight expanded far away, I saw one of my D-pad at gun-point with the "N" Symbol to it. My Nepu-Gun seem to be in good shape still but the bullet is missing now, which sadly I must use real bullet instead, which also appears that they don't have it. Most likely they dump it by now.

When as we thought we can now hide, a door was slam loudly and hard enough that the door itself was flying across us and hit against the row of the crate where a couple of them have fallen. We took a look at the bright path with a giant figure staring at us with his cold-blood eye of his. The sign stated "Hyperdimension Federal" is painted on the front of his armor and clench his fist as he throws another person, who was laying in his solder, and push him aside.

"Hate to crash your party here, but I don't think you suppose to be here." His firm voice is telling us that he about to pick a bloody fight with us.

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