Welcome to 38Caution Video, home of animation and machinima.

Testing out OpenShot Video Editor program

Welcome to Cautious.tv, your newest Machinima website by 38Caution. Cautious.tv focus on Gmod and Super Mario 64 Blooper where they following certain protagonist on their dumb adventure!

This page have been redesigned for my upcoming youtube channel where I post my poor edited Machinima there. I working on this one where I allow people to post their own Machinina video on youtube or here. For now, some feature are missing but the basic are there.

So why I created this site? Machinima have been well known in youtube back in very early 2010s where people would make it for fun or with well-written story using video game (Such like Halo, Super Mario 64, Gmod, etc.). Nowsday, we started to see Machinima faded away with lack of fun, wacky story or just randomness and being replace with blend content, even what happened with Machinima Inc. officially ceased operations.

But actually, if you look carefully, Machinima didn't died among the way but we reaching the new era of amateur of animation that used video game as a art form. But with lack of people making machinima nowsday, we need your help to spead the Machinima once again!

Right now, it isn't great time to do so as I busy with Project X-treme, but once I have the time, I will update on this page!