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List of all my current Original Character

Note: I have more, but in need to redesigned.

Shock the Shocking is probably one of the most fearless gunslingers and outlaw on Planet Paiko that most fear him with a price on his head: 500,000,000 Caiso (a fictional currency that used in Paiko). He is quiet who talk though his notebook to communicate with others. He is part of species known as Oa-wood-woo, a cat species with a shock looking express who used to make happiness, though he is different apart from every Oa-wood-woo. He does carry a Mini Uzi style pistols (they called it: Ziu Type R .45) which carry 24 bullets per mag with 3-shot each (what a disappointed) He often acted silly to others to hide the fact he is gunslingers and for being part of Oa-wood-woo, it is very unusual for everyone and if someone finds out, either call the police or kill him for the award. Despite being fear, he is one who tries to save people from danger and doesn't want to harm others, in fact, he rarely used his weapons unless he in real danger of being a face in difficult situations. He is stated to be around 160 years old but acts like 20 years old and around 5ft 9inch. He wears a vash-looking trench coat that is orange with bullets hole at the end. His t-shirt is Happy face with X eyes and blue jeans. His is face is literally an OwO and a tall cat ear. He never changes his expressive so he always has the same face (it bit terrify)

KaCool is a 23 Years old Raccoon, born and raised in City called: Tokkyon on Southern Island among other Raccoon races (which 90% of them are homeless). When she was 18, she did works as a nurse in Bizton District (Southern Tokkyon City) but due to being clumsy, she was fired and remained homeless with her parents. 3 Years of surviving from danger and being homeless, his father was assassinated by a Tokkyon Hidden Society known as "Hidden Eye", KaCool decides to give up her daily routine and going undercover to discover her father murder, however, no luck. When she close to giving up her undercover missions, she then discovers an underground group, held by Raccoon races themselves, when she saw her mother going there. An underground group is known as T.R.A (Team Raccon Authorization) and their missions are to rise against Tokkyon Government after them treating Raccoon like they are worthless. Ever since she has been members of T.R.A for 2 Years along with her mothers. She also finds out that her mother has a Chain-saw she used to carry around her every once in a while, though she no longer uses it as she can't fight her own. KaCool later contains it to use it in case of danger despite the fact she can't fight as well as her mother (which explain her eye patch). However, one skill that she is great at, is healing people injury since she previous work as a Nurse. Still, she has that one mission that she begs to found out. She is bit sry so she mostly using her Shark-looking mask to cover her blush, though she sentensive to any smoke.

Shaka is a 24 years old partly shark from underwater, who fights against the censorship. She lives in a shark species where they stay in underwater dues to humans always hunting them down. There also censorship going on where they make people think the shark's species are absolutely fine when they are close to being endangered. When one decides to stand up against the violent and censorship, Shaka will be the only brave shark there is.

She is 21 years old dogoo from the Eastern area: Eupounan where she grow up there with rich family of Muniger. Her father, Gier Muniger is the president of the city: NewTown, population of 14,328 people near to the oceanic. Gier is known for being caring to everyone on his city. Sadly, her parent are the strictest and brutal and due to her clumsy, she was kicked out of her home as her punishment for disrespected the family tradition, making her lay on the street. Lucky she was found by Shaka where she seen it all and later unofficially adopt her (since it illegal to adopt Dogoo in Eupounan) to treat and respect her well. She around 5 ft 6 inch who is partly human who is wearing a pajama hoodies and have a patch on her right eye from a temporarily bruise she have from her clumsiness.



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