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Melony the Melon

Nov 29, 2020 // 9:34 PM EST

SMG4 new video introduced an new character design for Melony (whom was once an Melon with Meggy headgear) where the moment she wear an mask, it transform into an Anime waifu. Don't know if this is an permanent change (most likely) or just happened every once in a while from this point. Love the design but feel like it should belong to Glitch Production series then SMG4 itself. Still, I like it.

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This is where all my current artwork stored here. It served as an archive thoughout late 2019 and beyond. These fanart is mostly consider from an current fandom I in known as "SMG4" but I do also draw parody and other genre that spark my interest. My artwork style has been well-known to be inspired by Gurren Lagann as well as Redline and such. I uscally upload my artwork in large file for better quality but if you do see an broken image, just refresh the page and you good to go