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I (AKA-38CAUTION) am a founder, Director and Writer of a Independent parody series known as Project X-treme, a mix of Parody work of Anime/Video Game and Orginal Work with bizarre idea and such. We explore different media such as Writing, Machinima and WebComic to get the best experience as well as small project (such as Caution Rating and Wolfy HTML 101) if you are bored.

I am also a Digital Artist and Graphic Designer who is well known for Anime Fanart, across from DeviantArt and Newgrounds.

While I do this as a hobby, for prize of one coffee ($3), every donation can help strive new content and help me focus more of the series! It alway appreciated (even with small amount)!

For more question, check out the Question and Answer .


  • Ads are not bad but I want to have a clean website that don't include any annoying product and company who tracking data for profit. We all against it (and should do you). Instend, ads is powered by you! Any Donation will help keep away from third-party Ads and we can put your banner (Recommended size: 970x250 and 468x60) around our main site*!


  • Membership is good and all, but so does everyone. I putting story and content for every single viewer without having to wait or being a supporter.


  • As donating to help sustain the Series, we provide to put your username in Hall of Honor (Where you can be credit across every page)!

*We don't allowed NSFW or Adult content.*


  • Project X-treme is Free forever

  • We want to be free for everyone. No Membership, no ads to ruin your day. Even though we are mediocre as hell, it the joy that matter.

  • Remix and Share our work

  • We are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We not the people that restrict our copyright at all (we can't anyway). This license allow people to remix our work and even sharing them without any issues.

  • Rediscover Independent fan work

  • Even though the new Generation is now becoming more independent and such, we are still slowly growing. I want Project X-treme to be symbol of more self-dependent of fan work and independent without having exclusive perks, third-party ads, and such.

What do we get for donating?


  • For every donation you make, you can be feature on every page on this website (including on project site)!


  • If you donate $3 or over and want to advertise your product/commission (such like Pateron, Donation, website, discord, etc.), email me (38caution@protonmail.com) your banner (Recommended 970x250 or 468x60) and we put it to our site!


  • If you donate over $10, you can sponser your stuff to us for our next project. This is higher then the Advertising as you get a shoutout at the front page and at the loading screen.

We don't allowed NSFW or Adult content.*

Of course, all of this are optional. If you just want to donate, just say so.